Unfortunately our wonderful trip is over. The blog is being closed now and converted to a static website.

Therefore no new posts and comments are possible anymore. But the mail addresses stay valid.

See you soon at our next adventure!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Some thoughts at night in Assam

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


A bottle of beer for our brave Zefant …or two


After our brave Zefant has carried us so well over these hard 3000km, he has very well deserved a bottle of beer …or two…


Final party & magic stories from the Maharaja Palace


  Shortly after arriving, we check into this wonderful hotel nearby. I jump into the deliciously cool pool and paddle about. 2 guys from one of the Norwegians team are also here – they work for a TV production firm …


Brake replacement in Ajmer


In Ajmer, our brakes decided to give out once again. We tried to loosen them several times: Shortly after however, they had tightened up again and it does actually rather slow down when driving with your brakes fastened….. A mechanic …


Jaipur and the best mechanic of all times


Here comes ¬†a bit of belated travel news from Jaipur. ….after a badly executed repair in Agra, a small piece of copper inside the clutch was worn through – this made it impossible for us to disengage the clutch when …


We Won!


Even though we arrived with the last batch of teams, we still won!How this happened?We were awarded the “Golden Camel” for the best effort of decorating our rickshaw. If it actually was the most beautifully done one, others will have …