Links to 3rd party wep pages

Our website contains to links web pages of 3rd parties. We do not have influence on their content and their data privacy guidelines. In case of concerns regarding one of the links, please inform us, so we can check and potentially delete that link.

Warning letters and liability fees will not be accepted without this information and granted chance of correction.

Data Privacy

When accessing the websites “rickshawrun.de”, “rikscharun.de” und “zefant-on-the-run.de” normally only log files are being saved, which are being used for statistic reasons, technical service, and potentially for advertising statistics. These files contin the following informations: Name of accessed file; date and time of access; data volume; IP address of accessing system, linking pages (in and out); source link to our page. This data  not contain any information reated to your name, you email address or any other personal informations.

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