Indo-German Society

The Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft e.V. (“Indo-German Society”, DIG) has been founded in 1953 in Stuttgart and currently consists of 33 sub-organisations. The DIG wants to connect people of different countries and imparts knowledge about and understanding of the modern India to the German public, with its manifold religious, ethnic and cultural sources. The Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft Remscheid is a suborganization and focuses on support of social projects, schools and education – especially for the Dalit, the least-privileged of the indian society. Since many years the DIG supports exchange projects through multiple forms of projects between India and Germany. During the exchanges, there are many common attributes to be discovered and prejudices to be reduced. Therefore we well learn to understand each other better, to increase understanding and esteem if the other people and culture and therefore improve our own intercultural competences. Since the year 2002 the DIG Remscheidt cooperates successfully with Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, founder of of the indian  PEOPLE’S VIGILANCE COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS (PVCHR), in Varanasi/Uttar Pradesh, to support the Dalit in India. Since 2007 the DIG Remscheid is being supported by the ministry of Nordrhein-Westfahlen to build schools and welfare institutions for the Dalit in Varanasi and surrounding areas in India together with the PVCHR.

About the Peoples Vigilance Committee on Human Rights

The Indian People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) has been founded by Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi. Since 1996 it he heavily engaged with its team in Varanasi and countless villages around and many discricts in the province Uttar Pradesh for and with the people of the Dalit, the least-privileged of the indian society. They fight against the caste system and for everybodys right on a humane life. The most important goals of their work are support and education of the poorest of the villages people, which includes children schools and adult education, health institutions and removal of the unbearable children work. The government very often does not realize the enforcement of conventions or even parts of their own constitution in reality. Organisations like the PVCHR, support the suppressed by demanding for their constitutional rights. Thanks to their support, in many cases the Dalit have been able to become actors instead of victims. The Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft Remscheid supports Dr. Lenin and his organisation by raising the awareness and sensibility of the german people to the still bad fate of the Dalit. We all should stand united as a partner in the fight for the rights, the acception and appreciation of the Dalit as human beings with equal rights in the society.

There is a very well-done brochure about the PVCHR and the Dalit here, do not miss it!

About Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi

Dr. Lenin Raghuvashi is the founder of the PVCHR, you should definitely check his blog and webseite

And note his book “Justice, Liberty, Equality: Dalits in Independent India“, which names and shames the sartling differences between ambitions and reality in the indian democracy, especially regarding the Dalit.

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