Taking the adventure through the wild north of India with a rickshaw has been the trigger to take part in the Rickshaw Run. But actually more important is a different goal of the Rickshaw Run: It’s all about collecting donation for charity reasons. The british organizer of the Rallye – “The Adventurists” – has already shown this impressively: By the past events over 3.7 million GBP (british pounds) have been raised – the The Rickshaw Runs alone had 1.15 million GBP!

Each team of the Rickshaw Run commits itself to two charity organizations, each of which should receive at least 500 GBP. Obviously our target is a lot higher than that…

… because we your’re the aces up our sleeves!

We need you!

And we’re confident that we can rely on you.

These are our two charity projects which you can donate for:

Frank Water Project has been cooperating with the Adventurists for a long time and have built drinking water wells all around the world. The water wells are being installed in remote villages which otherwise do not have access to clean drinking water. Then the water wells are handed over to the community and people are taught for independent operation. More information can be found on our  Frank Water Project page.

The second organization had to be selected by ourselves. There are many charity organizations caring about issues in India. But the choice was simple after seeing the Indo-German Society Remscheidt (“Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft Remscheidt” / DIG) with its very engaged president Helma Ritscher. With her heart-warming nature and her authentic reports from India and their projects, she quickly convinced us that we wanted to support them. Together with theit indian partner “Peoples Vigilance Committee On Human Rights” (PVCHR) they have build a womans shelter in Varanasi for the Dalit. The structural works of the building have been completed in february this year. For completion the interior is still missing. Your DIG donations will be used to complete this project! You can find more detailed informations about this project on the project page about the wonan shelter in Varanasi.


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  1. ...Uli says:

    Na dann lasst mal die Dose durch die Wüste zischen…

  2. Micha says:

    Habt Ihr auch ein “F**k Monsanto” Plakat dabei ??

    Kommt gut wieder heim