Frank Water

More than a billion people in the world are missing access to clean drinking water. Each year two million die from diseases  which have been caused by bad drinking water. Most affected are children of less than 5 years age. The Frank Water Organisation cooperates with the Indian NGO Naandi to support drinking water projects. Until today this cooperation has supported 78 water cleaning stations and therefore allowed access to clean drinking water for over 500.000 people. Frank Water implements sophisticated technology to clean water from viruses, bacteria and chemical contaminations. The water cleaning stations are being installed in remote villages and communities. The villages people monitor and operate the plants independently and therefore have an income. Clean drinking ware is being sold at a fair price to the residents. A third of the revenues is being used for the maintenance of the plant, on third for the wages of the local employees and one third is given to public utility of the community.

Roughly, each¬† donated Euro allows one human access to clean drinking water! Think about how much can be done with a relatively low donation…

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