Jaipur and the best mechanic of all times

Here comes  a bit of belated travel news from Jaipur.

….after a badly executed repair in Agra, a small piece of copper inside the clutch was worn through – this made it impossible for us to disengage the clutch when changeing gears. That wasn´t a problem in one of the higher gears but simply impossible when starting. We got used to having put in 1st gear, push and once the motor was running and the rickshaw moving, quickly jump in as it would not be able to stop again…..in city traffic rather annoying as stops were quite frequent and the procedure had to repeated each time.
It turned out that there was a holiday with a big parade in the city, all shops were closed and we could no  get the elusive little copper part – which we didn´t even know we needed at the time…
The rickshaw driver Jitendra became our savior, taking us to his 70+ year old mentor, who had possibly trained near all of Jaipur´s mechanics. His eye sight was failing, which kept him from doing the work himself but from sheer experience, he knew right away what the problem was. We took our rickshaw to his home where he summond his sons, who were searching the entire house for the elusive little copper part, remembering that there should be one of them left over from the olden times.

Many a part came to light, however, not the one we were looking for. This caused a further circle of friends being activated, who drove to their shops in the middle of the night on a public holiday to retrieve the missing part and sell it to us. Only then, the mending of our rickshaw  got under way, personally executed by one of the suns of the old master mechanic.

Fixed at last! With a fully functional clutch, we carried on to Ajmer:

The clutch made it all the way to Jaisalmer, even though we had to keep refilling it with oil as a gasket was missing).

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