Final party & magic stories from the Maharaja Palace


Shortly after arriving, we check into this wonderful hotel nearby. I jump into the deliciously cool pool and paddle about. 2 guys from one of the Norwegians team are also here – they work for a TV production firm that covers the rickshaw run, to be broadcast in 5 parts later on – however only in Norwegian.

After the swim, Stephan and I put on our finest for the big party – which has already begun. Teams were asked to put on clothes they wore during the trip or bought in India – we decide after carrying our cave-man costumes right accross India – that this is what we are going to wear tonight. The following pictures were taken at the finish line:

Then it´s off to the party – which is happening in a real maharajas palace, turned into a hotel – however managed to this day by the current maharaja.

The party is happening in the wonderfully oriental gardens of the hotel. Each team is welcomed with a flower garland and receives a bindi, the traditional lucky charm in form of a red dot on the forehead.

All the teams showed up in traditional Indian clothes, we admire beautiful turbans and capes.

A traditional Indian band is playing, there are fire eaters and fantastic fireworks, an Indian buffet that suits the incredible location as well as lovely drinks.The best part, however, are the many stories we swap with the other teams, there was one that drove their rickshaw all the way to Kathmandu in Nepal – they had a lot less problems with their Tuk.

After that, there are prices for those teams that went especially far or managed some other, outstanding achievement. First price, 2 golden camels, went to us (surprise!) for the best fitted rickshaw of this years Rickshaw Run. This came as a real surprise as we had already gotten first price at the beginning-of-the-run-party for our costumes.

On the dance floor we danced away all exertion until at 1 am, the party moved to the hotel pool and one could see bodies jumping in wearing or not wearing clothes – take a look yourselves:





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3 Responses to Final party & magic stories from the Maharaja Palace

  1. gerti says:

    …what a trip!!!!!!
    bin stolz auf euch jungs, jetzt lasst es krachen in goa!
    congrats to the price – you guys ARE the best looking rickshaw drivers in all india!

  2. Bace Fook says:

    Herzliche Glückwünsche nachträglich !
    Dann ist ja noch einmal alles gut gegangen ;]

  3. Hartmuth says:

    Großes Bravo !
    Ich gratuliere Euch ganz herzlich zu eurem erfolgreichen Trip, den ihr trotz aller erdenklichen Schikanen toll gemeistert habt, zum Zieleinlauf, wenn auch nicht als erste und zu eurem gewonnen Hauptpreis !!!
    spannend war’s :-)