Brake replacement in Ajmer

In Ajmer, our brakes decided to give out once again. We tried to loosen them several times:

Shortly after however, they had tightened up again and it does actually rather slow down when driving with your brakes fastened…..

A mechanic on the roadside had a go at them, which resulted in the complete failure of our brakes a few kilometers later.

That wasn¬īt really acceptable either! We decide to try another mechanic:

We get new brake pads and all the parts replaced the last mechanic damaged.
In India, brake pads are changed individually – the break shoe stays on!
First, the old brake pads are knocked off:

…then new rivets attached:

(using a spanner, off course!)
Fantastic breaks were the result of this cure……one just has to find the right mechanic who knows what he is doing…..

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